Loose Hotfix Strass Stones



When using strass stones size SS 10 or more, you do not necessarily need auxiliary means such as foils or applicators. You may place the individual stones on the fabric and press them on with the iron at wool temperature for 6 to 12 seconds, depending on the size.

Quite a number of irons have holes in the bottom plate. Please make sure that the hole is not on, but beside the stone to be applied.

Transfer Foil

Transfer foil is a heat-resisting foil which is extremely useful when motifs have to be designed and to be transferred on the fabric.

Remove the white protective foil and fasten the foil over the motif, using a flat panel as a base.

Possible motifs may be ready-made .... (was sind "Legebilder"?)  but also any photos or pictures taken from magazines, books, and so on.

Please do not forget that the motif will appear like mirror-writing. This is particulary important if the motif contains letters and/or numbers. In such a case you first have to poduce your motif in mirror-writing (using your PC), if you want to apply it correctly.

The foil has to be fastened with the gummed side as upper side. The stones are placed according to the picture used with the glittering side in the gum so that they face the coated side.

When the pattern is complete, carefully remove the foil and fasten the pattern on the cloth or the accessory which is to be upgraded by the appliqué.


The applicator is very helpful if smaller appliqués or individual stones are to be applied because it facilitates exact working. The stone will be heated up to the correct temperature. Most applicators include an assortment of fittings for stones of different sizes.
In case of any futher questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I do hope that you will successfully produce unique models and enjoy your work.