Time of Delivery

Digital contents and E-books

Delivery area: Germany
Digital contents will be only available for the customers electronically via download.

For all other customers from the EU or other foreign countries: please place your order in our shop by Etsy.

Paper Patterns

Delivery area: Germany

Shipment is made after payment in advance or after payment via PayPal.

Information regarding delivery time:

We will ship your goods within one working day after the receipt of your order or – if payment in advance was agreed – within two days upon receipt of your payment. 
Please taken into account Sundays and official holidays. 
With the exception of unforeseeable problems on the part of the forwarding company engaged by us, you will receive the shipment within 2 – 3 working days upon receipt of  your order or – if payment in advance was agreed - within 3 – 5 working days after you have made the payment.
If in individual cases the delivery time is deviating from the above terms, this is indicated on each respective product page.

The stipulated times of delivery are valid for domestic shipments.

If the goods do not arrive within the stipulated period of time due to unforeseeable problems on the part of  the forwarding company engaged by us, we kindly ask you for your immediate information so that we can initiate  the respective investigations.

Delivery area: EU and non-EU foreign countries

On the table below you will find the delivery times for shipments into other countries which you have to add to the delivery time indicated for each individual item.

Country  -  Additional time of shipment in working days
Austria  14
Spain  14
Belgium  14                  
Italy  14
Netherlands  14      
Luxembourg   14
Denmark   14
Finland   14
France  14                
Great Britain  14      
Sweden  14     
Portugal   14
Switzerland  14                    
Liechtenstein  14
Norway  14
USA  21
Canada  21
Australia  21